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Straight Guy,

In his comment yesterday about meat hats, Straight in Upstate asked if I had ever worn a sweater tied around my neck, a sweater some kind of fabric, not of meat or meat products, I assume.

The answer is "no."

The occasional Nantucket-type guy can pull off a sweater around the neck or shoulders. Enough to give me a slight twinge of envy. I've stood in front of a mirror with sweater sleeves across my neck. No go. It's a case of "Does this sweater make me look gay?" It does.

My real envy is European men who can wear a sweater that way and make it look uncontrived and effortless. They make dirty messy hair and/or clogs look stylish, so they have some special power that Americans don't have. I pine to be able to pull of that look: sort of gay, sort of straight, very sexy. I think it starts with being whippet thin.

I'd say have a certain sense of style. Some days are better -- meaning more an expression of my personality -- than others. Most days, it's what's clean, comfortable, and calling my name from the closet. My guess is that this is a universal, gay or straight.

So, my sweaters start at my neck and end at my hips. Sort of college boy gone older.

--Gay Guy


another gay gay said...

Beg to differ, GG. Not even Euro dudes can always pull off clogs.

Straight Guy said...

Once I was in Montana, staying at a lodge that had a hot spring pool. That night the pool was rented out to the local high school for a fun excursion. I was walking by the pool and those kids started in on me with every possible gay taunt they could think of. I shrugged it off (because what do they know?), but as I walked out the door one belted out "nice sweater, homo!" I guess they hadn't seen many v-neck, cableknit tennis sweater before.

I'll also let you know that male teenage boys from Montana will surely be the final frontier in gay acceptance. Ruthless.

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