Can't Stop Believin'

OK, I know I'm not the only one who has this song on the brain this summer. It's everywhere.

The Journey song barely cracked the top 10 back in 1981, but picked up a lot of momentum two years ago when Tony Soprano selected it from the jukebox in the series' final scene.

After the Sopranos, it quickly popped up into iTunes top downloads category and has stayed there for over two years now. It's catchy enough, but it's resurgence has made it the most downloaded song from the 20th century (pre-2000). Is it that good? Well,
Esquire Magazine recently named it the "greatest karaoke song of all time." On the other hand, Steve Perry and Journey haven't even been nominated for induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I bet they're raking in the cash without apologies, though.

Last month, the song was featured in the new Fox series, Glee (see above, or you can catch the whole episode on Hulu here.) FWIW, I caught the episode during my American Idol finale binge (how could I miss the thousand promos?), and thought it might be good for a GG/SG review when it begins its regular run in the fall. Though it looks it, it's no High School Musical: When the new glee club teacher can't convince the quarterback to perform with "Homo Explosion" (as it's known around the school), he plants drugs (acquired from a disgraced teacher accused of mollesting students) in the QB's locker and uses a suspension as leverage. How's that for motivation?

Credit where credit is due... Apparently Petra Hayden and the Sell Outs have been doing a very similar a capella version for years now. It's also been retooled for the Broadway musical, "Rock of Ages." Anyone seen that?

My problem, is that I'm liking it more than I'd like to. Anyone sharing my pleasure and/or pain? Anyone (else) willing to admit to being 1 of 2,000,000 downloads?

--Straight Guy


James H said...

1.) Glee is a phenomenal series. I watched it on Hulu and can't wait for the fall season.

2.) If you want to feel less guilty about liking the song, check out College Humor's "Don't Stop the Screaming" It's phenomenal.

Straight in Upstate said...

My memory of Journey (I don't know if it relates directly to this song or not): someone called a friend of mine at our college radio station and requested a song from Journey. He found the album - the one where they're all wearing white leisure suits - and said, "Forget it, I'm not playing it." Just based on the album cover.

another gay gay said...

Glee rocks!

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