Viral Video: Don Loves Roger (Mad Men Remix)

Mad Men returned after an 18-month hiatus last night. Big numbers. Though not nearly as big as Straight Guy favorite, and AMC's other high- profile hit, The Walking Dead.

Yes, this is about two times too long. But it's a capable take on the man love that provides much of the Mad Men chemistry. Don loves women, but of course he also hates them. 

 --Straight Guy

Things Gay Guy Does Not Need to Do

Straight Guy,

I have a bucket list, but it does not include underwater rope jumping. Nor being surrounded by manatees. 

Not so Mr. Furman.  Read all about it.

Thoughts? Ambitions?

--Gay Guy

Vid: I'm a S-L-U-T

Straight Guy,

I've been laughing at Rush Limbaugh and the pickle he's in. Confirms my hope that sooner or later people catch on to how stupid things are. 

A friend passed this video along. 

--Gay Guy

Vid: Two Peeps, One Closet, Seven Minutes

Straight Guy,

I never went to any junior high school parties where kids played Seven Minutes in Heaven. Or Spin the Bottle. Come to think of it, I'm not sure that there were any junior high school parties. Hey, wait, do you think that maybe there were parties, but I just didn't get  . . . . . .  ? Mom! Mom!

SNL's Mike O'Brien proves that if you wait  long enough, everything comes back around.  He's got Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Some of the conversations are interesting, but content schmomtent, we're all here for the slow lean in that signals the end. Boys guests, too. The ending with Jason Sudekis in this clip is sweet.

--Gay Guy