Viral Video: Street Talk with The Beards

This could have gone a number of ways. Too bad they chose several of them. 

 -5 points for being way too long. 

+2 points for being Australian. 

--Straight Guy

When Only the Breast Will Do

Straight Guy,

I've been receiving some interesting mail these days. It's obvious that the marketers know nothing about me.

I don't know what I bought or where I bought it, but I am now receiving all kinds of baby-oriented mail. I'm now getting "BabyTalk" magazine. In case you've let your subscription lapse, this issue's content includes such relevant articles as: "Before picking your baby's name," "The peeps every mom needs," and "50 inspiring nursery ideas."

Lots of gay men and women adopt or find other ways of having kids, so the magazine could be relevant to some other gay man.

"BabyTalk" goes into the recycling bin, but I am holding on to a post card. It's a promo with coupon for a bottle for breastfeeding moms. "Your Baby Can Have the Breast, Even When You Are Away" it screams. On the back it bellows, "When Only the Breast Will Do."

I have nothing against this product. I just find it amusing that someone is trying to interest me in it.

At the other end of the spectrum. the Democratic National Committee sent me an email letting me know I can put my name on a NASCAR stock car at one of their rallies or hee haws. It's from the Obama for America campaign. Again, not for me.

SG, anythign interesting in your mail these days?

--Gay Guy