Gee Whiz: Mixed Emotions

Gay Guy,

Another entry into our Gee Whiz category, and this one has some controversy attached. [Link]

A private German Rolling Stones museum (ugh, of course) installed these urinals, apparently oblivious to the controversy that could ensue...

Critic: "Why does it have to be a woman's mouth? If it had been based on the emblem of the stones with the tongue, it would have been okay. But the tongue's been left out and they really look like women's mouths."

Owner: "That's not a man's mouth or a woman's mouth, that's art... They were damned expensive and they're staying where they are."

The owner was right about one thing: the expense. They cost 695 euros each! [Link]

What do you think, GG? Readers? Do you see the Stones logo? Homage or insult?

--Straight Guy

And Then This Happened: Hair Ring

 Slow week here at GG/SG. We leave you with this.


Ad Watch: Details, Details...

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Gay Guy,

I've added a bunch of stuff to the GayAdsStraightAds Tumblr. Some are funny European ads that I'd never seen before, and a dreadful ad promoting tourism in North Dakota. There's also a TV ad for the Renault Twingo -- with a nice twist.

The ad above is for the European lifestyle magazine Grazia which implies that a man can only be as attractive as his least stylish detail. There's another in the series on GayAdsStraightAds which diminishes dudes in fannypacks. 

--Straight Guy

Media Watch: Conan's Face and Ricky's Cleavage

Been There, Done That: Beard Punch

I've seen that look. Multiple times. 

When they tell you it's time to go. Let it go. 

--Straight Guy

Project Runway to the Rescue!

Straight Guy,

I have a pile of shirts demanding to be ironed, probably about 1.5 hours of ironing, staring me in the face (as in, I will have nothing to wear tomorrow). By a happy coincidence, on TV tonight is Project Runway All Stars. The perfect accompaniment--interesting enough to keep me at the ironing board, but not something that requires strict attention.

--Gay Guy

Caving In on "Man Caves"?

Straight Guy,

"Man Cave" made it to a 2012 list of words that should be banished. Sorry, I'm just the messenger. I'll buy you a bright light for your man cave of a dimly lit office. 

But, is "man cave" out as an overused word or is having a man cave out, too? 

I'm guilty, here. While my office is bright--perhaps to compensate for no windows--guests often call my my home lighting scheme "serene." This might be code for man cave. It's actually due to an odd placement of outlets. 

Readers, anyone else living or working in a (formerly known as a) man cave? Is there any kind of gay/straight, male/female trend?

--Gay Guy

Media Watch: Guys and/or/but Dolls

Gay Guy,

Tonight is the premier of "Work It," a new sitcom about guys in drag. 

The reviewer at the Washington Post nails this show and takes a thoughtful look at the history and controversy of men in drag on TV. [link]

Here's a quote: "In an unseemly display of uncredited closet-raiding, “Work It” is just “Bosom Buddies” with a smokier eye. ...bad drag is one of the oldest jokes around, and there is some debate about whether it works the way it used to, thanks mainly to the tireless efforts of professional drag queens, who’ve upped the game considerably, and proponents of transgender rights, who’ve had it with pop culture’s mockery and bias." 

I was young, but remember, somewhat fondly, the Tom Hanks sitcom "Bosom Buddies." I certainly remember that they cast a tall blonde stunner named Donna Dixon as Hank's love interest, probably just so there wouldn't be any confusion about sexual identity. Sorry that that was my biggest takeaway.

Actually, I'm more interested in HBO's launch of Angry Boys in which Aussie Chris Lilly playes all of the central roles, some in drag. Loved his last series, "Summer Heights High." 

The subject of men (especially straight men) in drag as comedy is too long to get into. I started to put together a short list, but wikipedia has already developed the killer content, from Chaplin to Madea. [link]

Anyone watching? Or just Netflixing "Tootsie"?

--Straight Guy

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