Tricky Dick?

Straight Guy,

Richard Nixon in a gay relationship? All is can say on behalf of my people is No, no, no, no, no, no. Read it.

--Gay Guy

Then This Happened: Same Sex Sailor Smooch

Gay Guy,

I am trying to enjoy this -- for the excellent civil rights victory that it truly is -- without indulging in any stereotypical straight-guy objectification whatsoever.

Really trying. Because they deserve better than that.

99% there, but they're pretty cute. Dang.

Full story here.

--Straight Guy

FABulous News: Gay Granddads' Stork News


Straight Guy,

This vid's going around. It's built on an old joke: Every gay couple has a man and a woman in it. In this relationship, the 'female" half is just dying to be a grandma.

'Tis the season, so I will suck in my politics and just enjoy the overflowing joy.

--Gay Guy

Turning the Other Cheek . . . With Cheek

Straight Guy,

I meant to blog last week about Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry's "Strong" ad, which is not only mean-spirited but also short on logic.  Rick, if you need to stoop this low, it's an admission that your campaign is in the toilet. If you haven't watched "Strong" you should. Bottom line: Both gays in the military and the Obama administration are waging a "war on religion." Who knew?

Perry's ad came out last Wednesday. The benefit of not finding time to blog about it last week is that the parodies keep rolling in. Appropriate to the season, Perry's vid is the gift that keeps giving. Check out the featured vid above from our friends at Funny or Die. God bless 'em. Whoops. Forgot. Only Rick Perry and his voting block know how God sees fit to bless. (You should probably watch the Perry ad before you watching the Funny or Die video.  

In the Funny or Die video, Jesus turns the other cheek. Best line: "What have gays in the military ever done to Rick Perry except keeping him safe while he executed the mentally retarded?" 

See . . .  witty AND logical.

Here's another laugh-out-loud Strong parody vid.  Watch it.

--Gay Guy

Gaydar Check: Dancer and Prancer Edition


Gay Guy, 

Love it or hate it, Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is definitely the standout holiday song of the modern age. Hard to believe it's 17 years old now. Mariah won't let the royalties fade, though. This year, she's released a new duet and video where a courgarish Mariah sets her sights on Justin Bieber within a shopping frenzy and product-placement orgy. Ugh. (UPDATE: Here comes Bublé with his mellow 2011 version, too.)

The original has it's charms. But it's actually more retro than modern. Mariah and her producers found something timeless... like a lost track from a Phil Spector holiday-wall-of-sound session with the Ronettes. 

Some folks are helpless to resist. I read that Richard Curtis played it on a loop as he was scripting Love Actually, which garners similar love-it-or-hate-it sentiments. 

Let me know what you think of the videos above. Both have gone viral in the last few days. No need to label these as gay or straight (though I love how the guy in the second video -- aspiring musician Preston Leatherman -- spends a moment ogling the Victoria's Secret display, just to clarify). Let's file them under "Joy."

Heck, I'll even throw in this one from the shipmates on the Royal Navy's HMS Ocean. Plenty of playful female participants, but of course the men have to take it up a notch in terms of suggestive posing, implied nudity, and cross dressing. What is it with soldiers and lip-dubs to female artists, anyway?

This song isn't going anywhere. Happy holidays.

--Straight Guy

Lash Resort?

Straight Guy,

This gay guy needs some straight guy help.  I can't  get my imagination around this sign at the spa next door. 

From your vast straight guy body of female knowledge, what do "eyelash extensions" entail?

Like most gay men, I know a lot from women. Not necessarily about women, but from them. There's a difference, though my friend Kiki always notes that my perspectives on women's shoes prove that a gay guy is a girl's best friend. 

Anyway, no female in my address book has ever talked about extending her eyelashes.  So, SG, readers, anyone, please how does this work? Are longer lashes glued in between your own shorter ones? Are they growing off to the side? If they truly extend, how? Surely they can't be braided in like hair extensions. 

For $99, you should be able to get a caterpillar. 

To keep the gay quotient up, the sign sends me into song:

"Like a filly who is ready for a race
When I have a brand new hairdo
With my eyelashes all in curls
I float like the clouds on air do
I enjoy being a girl"

"I Enjoy Being a Girl" is sadly one of the few songs readily known from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Flower Drum Song.

--Gay Guy