Puts the "O" in Olympics

Straight Guy,

Okay, I swear I am (almost) done with my adolescent boy wet dream posts about the Olympics.

The GE wind energy commercial is the best.

Look, I'm on vacation, there's only so much thinking I can do.

--Gay Guy

And Nice Enough to Take Home to Mom

Straight Guy:

Sure, there's swimming. And gymnastics. Oh, yeah, and track and field. But, I am sucker for rowing. Or rowers, to be more precise.

Hunter and Purchase of Great Britain of Great Britain took the gold in men's lightweight double sculling These winning rowers make a great picture. Plus, they complain about how getting under 5 percent body fat makes them cranky and hard for their girlfriends to be around. Ah, me.

--Gay Guy

An Heroic List

I've been following the Olympics, of course. Just wanted to share this list of out gay Olympians over time.
--Gay Guy

Post Card from Provincetown

Yes, as Straight Guy mentioned, Gay Guy is in Provincetown again for a little summer break. For the basics, Ptown is at the very tip of Cape Code and is a gay summer mecca; think Russian River or Fire Island. Read a good quick taste of Ptown.

Ptown is hard to explain. It's wildly idiosyncratic and unique. Both provocative and peaceful. Boy beauty and nature's beauty. Mostly it gives a sense of freedom to be one's self, as loony as that might be. Best to understand the freedom in what is often called "the Last Resort" with this heartfelt observation from Henry David Thoreau, which he wrote down in 1865: "A man may stand there and put all America behind him."

Lots to tell, some of which can't be told in a public forum. More later.

-Gay Guy

If you love Ptown or want to know more, I highly recommend the short essays of Land's End by Michael Cunningham.

Coast to Coast to Coast

Things have been slow here at GG/SG. Gay Guy is on vacation and Straight Guy is about to leave on another. We may post a few things soon, but we'll be back to full steam after Labor Day.

I think we do a pretty good job of confronting stereotypes here. But sometimes we just confirm them. If you've been keeping track, you'll note that Gay Guy has been on three trips this year... let's see if we can detect a theme...

• Key West, Florida
• San Francisco, California
• Provincetown, Massachusetts

Hope you're having a great time, GG. You deserve it. But maybe it's time for a new travel agent.

--Straight Guy

Oh, John. . . You ARE Special

Oye, John Edwards. Women do you no good, do they?

Dissed by Ann Coulter. Did she make you prove yourself with the report of the affair you've had to admit?
--Gay Guy

Game On!

8:15 p.m.
Are watching the Olympics opening ceremonies? Did you see those drummers? They were intense. (I was always a sucker for the drummer in the band.) Musically and visually (the overall impact of the choreography. . . though I am sure some of them deserved a close up).

Yowza! The impact of the staging is really intense. Loving it! Plus, google the commentator Joshua Cooper Ramo. He's got a nice mug shot.

Sarah Brightman!?! What the #*&$#? Why? Who's next. . . Celine?

Troy and Gladiator filmed on Malta? Who knew? Madonna in Malawi? Who remembered? It's like gay Jeopardy.

Belgium: Truly ugly outfits.

India is definitely the best looking team so far.

Hungary just roared past Belgium for the "Ugliest Uniforms" gold.

I wonder if they sell hot dogs, beer, and peanuts in the Birds Nest. Dumplings? George Bush looks like he needs a snack.

Cameroon rushes ahead in the great outfits category.

Absolutely incredible.

--Gay Guy

Neil Patrick Harris Smells Like My Grandpa

Gay Guy,

So, Neil Patrick Harris is the new go-to gay guy. He's got all the street cred for starring in the recent internet phenomenon "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." Get it while it's still free, here. It's odd and entertaining. (This is how we can bridge the gay/straight divide: with comic book musicals!)

He also gets props for playing a straight lothario in "How I Met Your Mother," and for his self-parody in the "Harold and Kumar" movies. Plus, he was the recent coverboy for OUT magazine. He's gay. He's versatile. He's cool.

But when did hawking OLD SPICE become acceptable in the gay community? I always thought the stuff was embarrassingly straight.

I'm not missing the irony here. But, really, what's next? Rupert Everett pushing pleated Dockers slacks? Sir Ian McKellan for WigWam tube socks?

Not fair, GG. You can't laugh at us AND take our money. Please pick one.

At least now I know what to get you for your birthday. (Wait... will that be ironic or not? Now I'm confused.)

--Straight Guy

A Healthy Exchange, Minus the Change Part

Is this at all ironic that this decision from the Anglicans is coming out on a Sunday. You know, being the Lord's Day and all.

You'd think with a rapidly declining population these folks would be recruiting. Ooops, "recruiting", bad word choice.

Never on a Sunday. . . . .

--Gay Guy