Game On!

8:15 p.m.
Are watching the Olympics opening ceremonies? Did you see those drummers? They were intense. (I was always a sucker for the drummer in the band.) Musically and visually (the overall impact of the choreography. . . though I am sure some of them deserved a close up).

Yowza! The impact of the staging is really intense. Loving it! Plus, google the commentator Joshua Cooper Ramo. He's got a nice mug shot.

Sarah Brightman!?! What the #*&$#? Why? Who's next. . . Celine?

Troy and Gladiator filmed on Malta? Who knew? Madonna in Malawi? Who remembered? It's like gay Jeopardy.

Belgium: Truly ugly outfits.

India is definitely the best looking team so far.

Hungary just roared past Belgium for the "Ugliest Uniforms" gold.

I wonder if they sell hot dogs, beer, and peanuts in the Birds Nest. Dumplings? George Bush looks like he needs a snack.

Cameroon rushes ahead in the great outfits category.

Absolutely incredible.

--Gay Guy


straight said...

Poor George's attention span was seriously taxed. I think he got bored with Laura trying to tell him where all the countries are located on the globe.
The Today Show interviewed David Lauren who proudly announced that it took Ralph Lauren 3 months and thousands of people to design the US team uniform. Three months to pick out a blazer and a pair of slacks?? No wonder their profit margin sucks - you need to make faster decisions!!
I think Bob Costas only has a few years to go before he becomes the Dick Clark of the Olympics - and I know he recycled some of his country factoids from four years ago..."the wily Bongo".

Straight in Upstate said...

Ooops, hit enter too soon - that was Straight in Upstate

Gay Guy said...

I think the countries marching in but not in alphabetical order just whipped him.