Post Card from Provincetown

Yes, as Straight Guy mentioned, Gay Guy is in Provincetown again for a little summer break. For the basics, Ptown is at the very tip of Cape Code and is a gay summer mecca; think Russian River or Fire Island. Read a good quick taste of Ptown.

Ptown is hard to explain. It's wildly idiosyncratic and unique. Both provocative and peaceful. Boy beauty and nature's beauty. Mostly it gives a sense of freedom to be one's self, as loony as that might be. Best to understand the freedom in what is often called "the Last Resort" with this heartfelt observation from Henry David Thoreau, which he wrote down in 1865: "A man may stand there and put all America behind him."

Lots to tell, some of which can't be told in a public forum. More later.

-Gay Guy

If you love Ptown or want to know more, I highly recommend the short essays of Land's End by Michael Cunningham.

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Anonymous said...

It's been two days! We're waiting with baited breath...and we're turning blue. Bring it on, GG...