Neil Patrick Harris Smells Like My Grandpa

Gay Guy,

So, Neil Patrick Harris is the new go-to gay guy. He's got all the street cred for starring in the recent internet phenomenon "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." Get it while it's still free, here. It's odd and entertaining. (This is how we can bridge the gay/straight divide: with comic book musicals!)

He also gets props for playing a straight lothario in "How I Met Your Mother," and for his self-parody in the "Harold and Kumar" movies. Plus, he was the recent coverboy for OUT magazine. He's gay. He's versatile. He's cool.

But when did hawking OLD SPICE become acceptable in the gay community? I always thought the stuff was embarrassingly straight.

I'm not missing the irony here. But, really, what's next? Rupert Everett pushing pleated Dockers slacks? Sir Ian McKellan for WigWam tube socks?

Not fair, GG. You can't laugh at us AND take our money. Please pick one.

At least now I know what to get you for your birthday. (Wait... will that be ironic or not? Now I'm confused.)

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

Well, forgive me for not knowing this, but...what exactly would fall under the heading of a gay cologne? And while we're on the subject, is 2(x)ist still considered a gay brief? (Maybe they're laughing WITH us.....)

Straight Guy said...

Now I'm wondering about Aqua Velva, too. Any fragrance that can be purchased at a Woolworth's or hardware store is probably straight (a little WD40 behind the ears never hurt anyone). But was there ever a better drag queen moniker than "Ms. Aqua Velva"?

Straight Guy said...

I take that back.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... please welcome to the stage Madame Drakkar Noir and the Paco Rabanne Dancers!"

I'm scaring myself.

Gay Guy said...

I am probably wearing 2(xx)1st right now.

Straight in Upstate said...

I've lost the Gay/Straight Headlines link but there was a recent article on NPH maybe trying to be too straight and acceptable. SG mentioned him being the new "go to gay guy" (I thought that was you GG - ouch) and "He's gay. He's versatile. He's cool." It's called equality, people - in entertainment, you're funny or you're not. (Yeah, Seinfeld, I'm looking at you.) I don't remember or care that NPH is gay, he's a stitch. He's overcome a much greater stigma....playing Doogie Howser as a child actor. He's still working, and it doesn't involve boxing Danny Bonaduce in Vegas - you go, boy!

Straight Guy said...

Thanks Upstate,

I hope I came across as a NPH fan. He IS funny. And I paid to download "Dr. Horrible" to my iPod, episode by episode.

If I'm the only one semi-shocked that any entertainer at the top of his game chooses to endorse Old Spice of all things, so be it.

And, just to be clear, Gay Guy has always been a go-to guy... versatile, and cool, too.

Anonymous said...

GG is certainly my go-to guy: versatile, cool (doesn't smell like Old Spice), willing to parse life and sentences alike.

But NPH has a certain charm as well. And gets huge props for Dr. Horrible. I love seeing actors have fun with what they do. But, jeez, SG, it wasn't based on a comic book. What kind of straight guy are you if you have so little comic book cred?

straight in upstate said...

Re: Old Spice commercial - looks like a desperate attempt by OS to be cool again (memo to OS: you never were) and another happy payday for NPH - "I'll make fun of myself as long as the check clears."
SG,what's the backstory on Dr. Horrible? Who created, and how did they get the actors? Straight guy confession: I'm a big Nathan Filion fan from Firefly.

Straight Guy said...

Dr. Horrible was created by Joss Whedon (best known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also Firefly). I think EW claimed that this was how Whedon (plus his brother and friends) filled the doldrums caused by the recent TV/Film writers strike, because as high-end, web-only, productions they were not covered by the ban.

And the the knitter... I know this wasn't originally a comic book, but rather inspired by the genre. Perhaps I should have said "superhero musicals" but what, are you an editor or something?

garrett munroe said...

gay guy to go to? gay cologne? i'm sick of the word "gay"--foucault says there are no homosexuals, just homosexual acts.

Anonymous said...

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