Oh, John. . . You ARE Special

Oye, John Edwards. Women do you no good, do they?

Dissed by Ann Coulter. Did she make you prove yourself with the report of the affair you've had to admit?
--Gay Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

I think Dan Ackroyd would have said it best: "Ann, you ignorant slut."
But John Edwards IS a dumbass. (And I have to confess, my speakers are turned off so I didn't listen to Ann's remarks....but really, aren't they all the same? "Illogical and irrational accusation to gain me another 48 hours of media attention. God, I need a drink and to get laid.")

Straight Guy said...

No defense from this straight guy.

What can you say? I give him points for his harsh self-assessment. But it came too late.

Never deny. Just tell questioners that it's none of their business (or to eff off). It's always the cover up that puts the nails in the coffin.

straight in upstate said...

Our esteemed NY governor David Patterson looked a little silly his first week, confessing to everything he's done since puberty, but it worked. People may not like him but there's not a speck of dirt they can dig up that he hasn't told us about already. Now we have to talk about (gasp!) issues.