Project Runway to the Rescue!

Straight Guy,

I have a pile of shirts demanding to be ironed, probably about 1.5 hours of ironing, staring me in the face (as in, I will have nothing to wear tomorrow). By a happy coincidence, on TV tonight is Project Runway All Stars. The perfect accompaniment--interesting enough to keep me at the ironing board, but not something that requires strict attention.

--Gay Guy


straight in upstate said...

I don't get full cable, not familiar with the show, but followed your link and saw Austin Scarlett....that's about all I need to know.

Anonymous said...

Did you get all the ironing done?

Gay Guy said...

SIU, Don't judge the whole show by Austin. Miss Scarlett is hard to take. The creepy eyeliner mustache ain't helping. Ick.

Anonymous, ugh, I was a failure at the ironing. I procrastinated. Tired from the gym.

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