Coasts Show Their Pride

Straight Guy,

Some fun coverage from two big gay pride celebrations, San Francisco and New York, that occurred this past weekend. Fun stuff.

Slide show in New York Times article is especially fun.

It looks like it would have been fun to be at either celebration. I skipped my home's pride weekend entirely. No parade, no street fair. Ended up going out of town.

I have some ambivalence about whether prides celebrations are still relevant. Are we now so assimilated that we don't need them anymore? Is that a good thing, or do we need to hang on to our history and culture? Maybe if my home threw a pride as fun as SF or NYC, I'd be more inclined to engage in it.

--Gay Guy


Anonymous said...


Gay Guy said...

Through with . . . ?

Anonymous said...

you wrote "through" when you meant "threw"...

Gay Guy said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Typo fixed.

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