National Man Day . . . Is There a Card for That?

Straight Guy,

I should have guessed that you and your people would sooner or later come up with "National Man Day," as I learned about on NPR this morning.

National Man Day? I'm all for it. Heck, I'll do my bit by scratching myself in my strategic parts. Watch Rocky? Shit, let's really be manly men and kick it with the French Connection. I'm good.

But, Steve Inskeep, my NPR host, whose voice wakens me each day, you are the inspiration for my morning's ambitions, so why did you have to add that "tragically" National Man Day lands on Sneak-a-Kiss Day. What's tragic about the combination? I don't even see a conflict.

Steve, can't you multitask? If you need some tutoring about how to sneak kisses while watching Rocky, I stand ready to help you. Just call.

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

On Man Day we don't "sneak" anything. We take what we want, when we want. Like right now I want a PayDay candybar and as soon as I locate exact change I will procure one from the vending machine!

GG, if you happen to have fifteen cents, you can watch me score my candybar man-style! Grrrr.

PS. Please don't tell Mrs. Straight Guy about the candy bar.

Anonymous said...

And I have faced it. Let's discuss this question. Here or in PM.

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