GBFS: Gay Best Friend Syndrome

Gay Guy,

I hope I never treat you as a novelty this way. I can see how it might be annoying at best, or infuriating at worst. I guess it's a fine line between celebrating diversity in friendship and being condescending and melodramatic. Let me know when I cross that line.

Do you have a lot of girlfriends who classify you as their GBF? Annoying or gratifying? Despite the format of this blog, I'll still classify you as FWJHTBG.

Where are all the lesbian best friends for straight guys? Oh yeah, we're gross and annoying and objectify them worst of all. Guess we'll have to work on that. Did I already cross the line mentioned above, or should I start writing a spec script for a sitcom pilot, "Jill and Chase"?

--Straight Guy

FWJHTBG = friend who just happens to be gay

Readers: Any horror or success stories on the GBF phenomenon? Any "Straight Guy / Gay Girl" blogs that we don't know about?


Rikki said...

Yes. And taht is why I avoid friendships with straight girls. They always think I'm the campy shopping buddy they see on TV. They think they can gush all over me and treat me basically like a girl in a guy's body. But they lose in terest when they find out I act no different from those "boring, stinky" straight guys, I just don't want to stick in them.

Sometimes we gays feed the stereoptype though. Even I sometimes have to fight the urge to give all my straight friend's make over. I can't help it! I see one of them dressed all dumpy and wearing the same camo cargo shorts for the third day in a row and I'm like "If you wear that one more time I'm going to BURN IT!"

Curse you TV! LoL

Kathryn said...

Well, do all gay guys LIKE girls? I mean, as people? I sometimes get the feeling some don't. Is that why? They're afraid we'll want to shop and dish all day? I think we gals are just relieved every now & then to be able to talk to a guy with no concern of how we may be gay guy friends and I can talk about anything. They never take it the wrong way, 'cause there IS no wrong way.

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