Cologne Zone: Gay Guy/Straight Guy Whiff?

Straight Guy,

I was in line at the drugstore today, stalled in front of a display of men's cologne, specifically British Sterling, English Leather and Canoe. Had to laugh. Those colognes were popular when I was a tot. In my mind, they were the epitome of sophistication.

What did I know. My dad's fragrance palette was functional only: Old Spice, Vitalis, Brylcream, Right Guard, and Listerine. And yes, worn all at once.

The smell of Right Guard takes me back to childhood faster than Proust and his cookie.

I'm surprised any of these brands have held on into a new millenium.

I'm not a cologne guy. Sure, I went through the obligatory artsy college student's brief romance with sandalwood and patchouli, but I don't think that went on my permanent record.

I don't really want to smell other men (nor women for that matter). At least not until I am up close.

Straight Guy, you don't wear cologne do you? Do you save it for special occasions when you are putting your spell on the ladies?

I can't say that wearing cologne is a stereotypically gay guy thing. My data is skewed. If Iam in a situation where a guy floats by on a cloud of CK1, I'm in a group of gay men, but that's about the only group of men I am ever in.

Incidentally, cologne could have been my friend if I had only let it. A guy I dated (and then some) wore lots of cologne. Even in moderation, this particular scent gave me a headache. A very specific sick headache. Like an icepick between my eyes. Eventually he too became a headache, like an icepick between my eyes. Shoulda smelled it coming.

Any help here folks? Cologne -- gay, straight, sexy, annoying? Leave a comment and let us know.

--Gay Guy


Ezra said...

Well, I've never worn cologne, but I think the problem is that most people tend to put too much on. I think cologne should be worn so lightly that you have to be very close--like slow dancing to really even notice it.

To me, it's about making intimate moments more pleasant because you smell nice, not to attract someone from across the room with your musk!

Gay Guy said...

Exactly right, Ezra. I like the analogy to slow dancing.

Glad to see you on GG/SG. Welcome. Keep reading and posting!

Ezra said...

Hey Thanks Gay Guy! You and Straight Guy have a great blog... how many readers do you have? I don't even remember how I found it, but I've been reading for about a month or so, and I like the perspectives from you and Straight Guy.

Straight Guy said...

What's patchouli?

My scent? Ivory soap. I hope.

Kathryn said...

Oh, I LOVE the smell of Ivory soap! I was yelling "YES! YES!" to GG's narration about the headache 'tween the eyes from the smell. (Minds out of the gutter, people.)I do believe some of us have much more sensitive noses. I never wear friends are cautioned to abstain if possible so I don't get queasy in the car. The Body Shop makes a coconut body butter...just a hint o' the beach...reminds me of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil...yummy.

elphy said...

For years, I found the scent of cologne way too strong. Then I discovered aftershave, which has an intially strong scent that mellows as it dries. Although it was milder, I still found aftershave overpowering. Some scents are better than othes, but a very faint scent can be intimate... my newest discovery is Nivea Men's Body Lotion. It has a very pleasant scent, but is wonderfully mild!

another gay guy said...

Not gay, not straight, just annoying.

Anonymous said...

Remember "Hai Karate"? It was how Old Spicers of the 60s tried to get some cool on . . .

Gay Guy said...

Hai Karate? Oh, no. No, no, no.

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