Straight Guy Hall of Badassery 2009, Vol 1

I really have no idea whether these guys are gay or straight, but please just play along.

Badass #1: See above. If I ever find the cojones to shirtlessly skedaddle a bear with a table leg, will someone please snap a photo and put up a blog post about it? Photo source unknown.

Badass #2: This five-year-old tyke from Australia got a temporary henna tattoo while vacationing in Bali. LINK

Apparently, the dye contained PPD, which, according to Wikipedia, causes welts and "
should never be applied directly to the skin." Oops.

The upside is that this kid has a permanent dragon scar on his bicep. He's bully-proof.

New rule: No more kindergartners allowed in the Balinese tattoo market. Duh.

--Straight Guy


Kathleen Lawton-Trask said...

How do we know that's a bear? Mightn't it be a Yeti?

Gay Guy said...

Okay, remind me. In the top photo, which one is the bear?

Gay Guy said...

You are right about the second photo, the one of the kid with the dragon scar. That is some badass boy. I thought the tiny babies with pierced ears were some badass, but no one is going to pick on that kid.

He should be in some longitudinal study to see if the scar screws him up for life.

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