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Gay Guy,

Gillette has released a new set of instructional videos. They cover not only how to shave your face and neck, but other areas, including... you guessed it.

Yes they did.

They've found an animation style that keeps it light, so that viewers like me don't pass out when the danger of nicking my equipment is addressed. "Let the razor do all the work." Um, no, I think I'd like to stay at the controls on this one.

Technically these animations are SFW, but really, why give your coworkers this kind of ammunition?

There are other segments on shaving your head, armpits, etc. Maybe TMI, but I was hoping for some insight from the back-shaving clip. (Minor aesthetic adjustments, nothing major, I swear.) Simple geometry makes this operation very difficult, so I was hoping for a new angle, as it were.

But their advice was useless: have someone else do it.

Really, Gillette? You've engineered a five-blade razor, but can't recommend anything better than monkey-style social grooming? No thanks. I guess I'll have to invent something. (Brainstorm: electric trimmer attached to a vacuum cleaner... it just might work!)

Are there no secrets anymore? Manscaping must be getting more popular than I thought. Readers?

--Straight Guy

Here's a Funny or Die clip on man waxing. I'd vote it NSFW.

--Gay Guy


Kathryn said...

Oh.My.God. Co-incidentally, I saw this featured on youtube as a must-see...I'm SO glad I didn't watch it then...SO much better to see it here, with you guys. Removing hair from this region is nothing new for us gals...and we don't get the added benefit of making anything look "taller". As for the back? One word: WAX. The more you yank it out, the less will grow back. (Something else us gals know way too much about.)

Straight in Upstate said...

Kathryn said it all for me. And when you only have one "forest ranger", there's no point in trying to make "the tree look taller". I couldn't believe the intro with the hiking chiquita checking out the guy's towel.

BosGuy said...

That is hilarious.

another gay gay said...

OMG! These are hilarious. Keep them coming!

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