Last Night, Last Night: Showtune Showdown

Straight Guy,

The Tony Awards were last night. Were you glued to your television? No?

I've said it before, but we gays love the Tony Awards. Love 'em. I say bring on the stereotype.
I can't explain why gay men like musical theater; I think it's because generally speaking musicals end happily. The two romantic leads find each other.

This year's Tony awards show was so bad. Just horrible. Gassy, flabby, boring. If there was ever a production in need of a Broadway producer, it's was . . . Hey, wait . . .

The shining moment was the last two minutes, when host Neil Patrick Harris pulled off a wonderful song with lyrics that summarized the night highlights. Worth waiting for.

Why can't the lyrics, and performances, on Broadway be that good?

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

Here's where I lose some credibility... I thought the kitschy Shrek number was WAY more entertaining than the Billy Elliot number. Sorry. But GG knows that any kind of interpretive dance forces me into shut down mode. To see kids working out their rage through dance makes me resent them, not sympathize with them. Maybe this is a another post, because I cant get past it. Dancers are supposed to entertain me, not indulge themselves, right?

Thumbs up to NPH, though.

Kathryn said...

Oh, Guys. What would I do without you? I did not watch the Tony's...couldn't even tell you where I was or what I was actually doing....but SO DAMN GLAD I got to see that clip. Fab-u-lous!

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