The Gay / Straight Update: June 2, 2009


Welcome to a new feature at GG/SG. We're not sure how often we'll be doing this, but we're accumulating bookmarks and links faster than we can comment on them. Let us know what you think. Here are today's selections:

• Princess alert: It's "Gay Days" at Disney World this week. Events include parties, comedy, charity, and of course, parades. LINK1 LINK2 LINK3

• JMU study finds Yoo-Hoo better after workouts than Gatorade. "Chocolate milk drinkers had significantly lower levels of creatine kinase - an indicator of muscle damage." LINK

• Shatner's "Khaan!" scream re-edited to 15-minute study of range and rage. LA Weekly review includes a 2-minute YouTube sample which "doesn't begin to do justice to the size, sound and hypnotic power of the real thing." LINK

Straight Guy Recommends: "Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions," Andy Samberg's digital short from the MTV Movie Awards. LINK

Gay Guy Recommends:

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Straight in Upstate said...

I like the feature and appreciate the effort to keep us up to date.

My friend in Ft. Lauderdale has been posting on his Facebook page for weeks about Gay Days. What do you know about this, GG? yes, you may be hundreds of miles away but you must know about anything with "Gay" in the title. Apparently there are some politics involved with different promoters and events. And how did Gay Days end up at DisneyWorld?

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