Beach Blanket Himbo?


Today's Gay Guy, Straight Guy exchange:

SG: What are you doing this weekend?
GG: Going to the beach.
SG: To that guy who has the nice house?
GG: Yes.
SG: You didn't make any . . . promises . . . did you?

Proudly or sadly, Gay Guy is not the 'promise to put out for a weekend at the beach' sort of guy. Unless the beach is on St. Bart's. Or Turks and Caicos. (I just like saying Caicos. It sounds gay.)

Wish me luck on the gay end of the beach. If no one kicks sand in my face, that'll be a good start.

--Gay Guy


Kathryn said...

The flip side of the question for SG is this: If a galpal said she was visiting a guy at his beach house, wud you have the same question??
I'm gonna hazard a guess and say "yes". Gay/straight, ya gotta do something at the beach besides dig sand out of your shorts.
Have a great time, GG! Try and tweet while you're there.

Straight in Upstate said...

Yeah, I think SG's question was non-gender specific, provided he knows the person well enough to ask.

Anonymous said...

Wow! As the person who invited GG to the beach, I can confirm that I didn't get any.

Straight Guy said...

I definitely know GG well enough to ask, and without presuming ANYTHING. But GG also has a few interesting stories to tell.

Please know I only have his best interests in mind.

Kathryn said...

Okay GG.....spill. We're waiting.... :)

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