Targetting Gays

Straight Guy,

I am the last person in the United States to become a regular Target shopper. Where I live, they are in strip malls in out the suburbs. Being an urban guy with no car, I don't suburban strip mall.

Now there's a Target in the city, about a 15-minute walk from my apartment, so I am getting to know my way around the store.

When I was there Saturday afternoon it was gay guy central. Lots of male couples. It a gay Noah's Ark: two by two. They were mostly in their 20s or early 30s. It was really sweet and heartwarming.

The Target is across from a new Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My city has several colleges and it looks like it was move in weekend for all of them. BBB and Target were jammed with kids, parents, overflowing carts, and long lines.

One dad had a video cam and was filming every aspect of the family's shopping trip. He took pictures, too. I don't blame the daughter for having a melt down on him, but she was so obnoxious that it reminded me why some animals eat their young.

--Gay Guy


Kathryn said...

GG! Be NICE. No doubt, the girl was horrified and Dad was trying to make sure she'd be morified enough to stay out of the house.
Yeah, I was Target-resistent for a while, but they have a surprisingly reasonalble bath and "home" section. Not. Awful.

Gay Guy said...

Target is good for what Target is good at. I get lots of cleaning stuff there, plus shampoo, etc. The card section is really good, too.

Plus, as I said, mine is dripping with gays, so that's an incentive.

Michael Rivers said...

I LOVE Target. Sometimes I just have to stay out of there because I spend too much money. There is always something there that I "need."

Straight Guy said...

There's nothing gay or straight about shopping at target in general. Many, many choices. And tons of stuff that everyone needs.

But really, any urban gay guys buying the house brand (Merona) pants?

Agree with MR, even in a typical SG shopping rush, always leave with something I didn't plan on buying. They just reorganized my Target and I can't find a thing.

Gay Guy said...

I guess I should expand on my reporting. Gays can be found in basic house supplies, toothpaste, electronics, and occasionally home style.

Never clothing. Maybe socks. That's about it.

Kathryn said...

I couldn't imagine buying clothing from there.....seriously. Great px on candles, btw. And you can even pick up milk & cereal on your way out.
Okay...I've already spent too much imaginary green.

Isis said...

"...she was so obnoxious that it reminded me why some animals eat their young." - Priceless. :D

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