Gay/Straight Ad Watch: Objectification Saves the Day

Gay Guy and Readers,

Standard straight guy etiquette dictates that I say as little as possible here. But I'd love to hear your comments. A few things...

(1) This is all in the name of breast cancer research, so hooray for that. Seriously.

(2) There's definitely a powerful gay vibe to this pool party, right? Why do you think they made that choice? Some of the ogling seems a little overdone in that context, no? Or are gay guys just as shallow as straight guys supposedly are on this topic?

(3) The "star" of this video is also the writer/director as well as the chair of the Boobyball fundraiser. Check out the making of here.

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

WTH? I mean, no-one wants to see a sad, depressing ad for breast cancer...but....that?? Well, it did nothing for ME. It's obviously aimed at GUYS (ahem). Maybe they're trying to hit an untapped market for breast cancer donations?
I have 1 car decal: It says, "Save The Ta-Tas!"
That's enough for me. I don't need the visual!

Isabella said...

hmmm...well it reminded me of jello.

Straight in Upstate said...

Kathryn called it: breast cancer research foundations have the perfect marketing tool for men. You can appeal to compassion, the "we all have mothers" argument, etc. etc., but ads like this target the male demographic. The other focused research foundations can't compete - what are liver and pancreas supposed to do?

Straight in Upstate said...

And I agree with SG: the four sailor boys, a couple, and possibly the guy on the pool float eating the hot dog projected a strong gay vibe. GG: thoughts? rationale?

Dorn said...

If everyone loves them than everyone needs to help save them. Gay vibe is intentionally over the top to show that everyone wants to save them. Think shallow...we're talking boobs after all.

Gay Guy said...

Uh.... this video is gayer than an Easter bonnet.

I don't want to deconstruct it here, but were these guys directed to "read" gay? The sailor suits -- guys, that was a staple of dancing on the Pier in NYC, but back in the 80s (not that I would know, but I saw pictures).

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