Straight(?) Guy Hall of Shame: 80s Video Dating Edition


For anyone who feels that facebook-style social networking is cold and detached, and longs for a more personal connection... Let me remind you of how god-awful the good old pre-web days actually were.

Is there anything more hopeless than a desperate straight guy? And, hoo boy, is it possible that a few of them are simply, ummm, not straight?

Special thanks to the Found Footage film festival (coming soon to a town near you) for unearthing these gems. The only thing missing is a quick update, just to let us know which one of these guys actually found love, and an update on the criminal record and parole status of all the others.

Any of our readers make a late love connection, or have a flashback panic attack?

--Straight Guy


Tessie said...

That is a riot! Those poor men, what were they thinking!? Bet they which e-harmony was around back then.

Conan the Episcopalian said...

I love how a bunch of guys with MULLETS get to have such high standards.

Picture Imperfect said...

That is one of the funniest things I've seen all week. I know... it's only Tuesday. But come ON it was hilarious.

No fatties... ok! I love the guy who says "I'm currently involved in cleaning up toxic waste..."

Ok... stand FAR away from that guy.

Kathryn said...

Panic attack! Complete and total panic attack...oh, God....RUN AWAY!

Isis said...

Ooo, that was intense. All my girlfriends are not going to be able to sleep tonight wondering if the world of (straight) men has really changed that much.

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