One of These Days, These Boots

Hey, Gay Guy,

I am at critical status for some wardrobe upgrades. Yes, again. My plans to change the HR rules from a "casual friday" system to "maybe dressy on wednesday," are gaining traction, but it's an uphill battle. So I need new threads, pronto.

Not my top priority, but I almost bought these boots over the weekend when I rushed through Johnston and Murphy. I get grumpy when I can't decide, so I rushed right back out (typical shopping pattern for me -- be decisive or leave!)

I trust your opinion on many issues, and perhaps on the black boots question most of all. I know you've been trying to find your perfect fit for a while now. I rate these as snappy, but not fussy. Mostly for work -- clubbing not a priority (not now or ever), but you know this.

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

I'm not saying a word till GG chimes in. (I'm not stupid.)

Gay Guy said...


Liking the boots. A good style for work, for sure.

My only thought is about the top stitching . . . I am not a big fan of prominent top stitching. Big stitches and light thread on dark is big this year (last year, too). Not so much for me. I might prefer the stitching on the brown pair.

Call or write if you need to know what top stitching is.

I share your shopping issues. Shopping is only fun for me if I am in the mood for or have an incredible streak of good fortune. Same applies to dating.

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