Straight Guy Surrenders. Internet Wins.


I'm not much for the "OMG Adorbz!" genre of captioned kitten photos and other cuddly web crap. But I'll let this tidbit from Japan sneak in under my radar. No point really. Just impossible cuteness and helplessness all captured on video.

Can you resist? Or better yet, if this was your dog, could you PUT DOWN THE EFFING CAMERA and help? Jiminy Christmas!

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

Oh my God. I kept expecting him to PEE.....the suspense was KILLING me.

Another gay guy said...

God, it looks so joyless to me. No laughter, even if it's at the puppy's expense. Just silence.

Poor baby is starting to get frustrated.

Straight Guy said...

No, no laughter either. Just a surprisingly intense desire to break through my screen and help.

Or maybe grab, and keep, and take a nap with. He needs me.

Ugh, I am soft.

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