Summer Lovin': Party in the Fire Island Pines

Straight Guy,

I don't know how I missed this vid last month! Maybe because not I'm totally sure who Miley Cyrus is. She's the Hannah Montana merchandising dynamo, right?

Anyhoo, here's a video with seven gay guys doing it up to Cyrus' "Party in the USA," a song I had never heard before. I guess I need to be in better touch with my pre-teen nieces. The guys look like they had a blast making the video out on Fire Island. (SG, it's a longstanding gay vacation mecca.) It looks really fun.

Give it a view. Once you've seen 30 seconds of the video, you've seen it all.

I've been trying to see myself in this video. No luck so far. Is it that I'm just not free enough to camp it up for public consumption? Am I yet another victim of internalized homophobia? That a share on Fire Island is out of my financial reach (unless guaranteed sex comes with the lease, that is). Is it my aversion to bubble gum music. My "over the rainbow" impatience with the gay rainbow flag plastered on everything? Most likely it's the public ordinance prohibiting me from being seen wearing a small swimsuit.

Thumbs up to Walt Disney Company, who owns the right to the tune, for letting it stay alive and thrive on You Tube in its new gay version.

SG, once you look at this video, tell me what you think.

--Gay Guy


another gay gay said...

OMG! Totally cute.

But who has time to figure out something like that, and then rehearse it, let alone film and edit it.

I do other things on vacation. Like not think for a week.

Leah Rubin said...

It's hilarious. It reminds me of the old joke, how do you separate the men from the boys on Fire Island? With a crowbar.

Isabella said...

Hmmm, .... I found myself watching them and wondering... are these guys little fakers? I was chuckling the whole time. Thanks for finding it.

BothWays said...

There are a lot of haters that don't like the video (check the comments section on any gay blog that has posted it), but I think it's fun.

Camp? Yes.
Gay? Absolutely.

But it really just looked like some gay boys having a good time. No harm in that.

Gay Guy said...


I agree with you --it's a video, not a political platform.

I think it's dangerous --maybe too strong a word-- when any of us take one person and make them representative of a group.

The video is just fun. I have a bit of jealousy about their talent and their just letting the good times roll.

Straight Guy said...

Welcome Leah and Isabella. It's not surprising to me that a little choreography and camp make it into a Fire Island vacation video. And really, what's the difference between this and those lipsync music videos that the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan keep posting on YouTube. Not much... and that's worth discussing in a new post. Try to get something up this week.

Kathryn said...

Oh, GG. You find the BEST stuff that I would have totally missed. I also don't know this song (da boys think she's "lame"...their word). I smiled thru the whole thing...didn't over-analize it...they looked like they were having a blast on vaca.
How "mom" is it of me tho, that all I could think of as the guy lay in the sand w/the waves crashing over him that he'd be pulling sand out of his tushie for a week??

Gay Guy said...

Oh, Kathryn, I am certainly not a mom, but I too think about the guy in the sand, the waves crashing and the sand in his tushie.

Is It Just Me Or What? said...

I have avoided watching this since it went viral. Alas, GG/SG you have broken me. I love it! Friends just having fun on vacation! Creative, campy, and well thought out. As the father of a 12 year-old male whose all about Mylie/Hannah, I'll say that Disney made the smart choice in letting this go viral!

Straight Guy said...

No more tushie talk.

Kathryn said...

Oh, c'mon SG! GG and I are merely pointing out the obvious long-term and somewhat perilous effects that sand could ultimately have when driven by the excessive force of the surf into areas...not meant to host such a scratchy invasion.

You know how sand gets into's completely appropriate tushie discussion.

Anonymous said...

Gay Guy,

No to correct your math, but I only see 5 guys, not seven. Do you have some Gay vision that I don't have?

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