Straight Guy Gift Guide: Bottle Opener Tie

Actually a beer ad for Peroni, so I don't think this is available for purchase just yet.

Last year, one of our readers pointed us to a bottle opener embedded in the sole of a flip-flop sandal. Link here. That one you can buy.

As for the tiny panties in the background, I thought Peroni was classier than that. (Or do any readers have an alternate take?)

--Straight Guy


Kathryn said...

Okay. The panties ruined it. Gee...I wonder what gender came up with this ad? "Yeah! And throw some panties in the background...that'll bring in the sales, for sure!"

Straight but Fabulous said...

So I've actually seen those bottle-opener flip flops.... Was proudly shown them in fact.

In all fairness the owner has a beach home and I think beer is a regular part of the sustenance, but its fairly hilarious - borderline white trash....

But I wouldn't put it past a certain university's alumni base to wear them with pride!

Isis said...

You know, I'm starting to think, gay men and women in general have more fun than straight men. Its sad really. Straight men can't exactly get away with having massage parties, talking about sex endlessly with their best buds or prancing about on beaches in bright playful digs. In fact, its seems like the freedom of expression afforded straight guys seems relegated to the realms of "Oh man, I wasted last night."

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