No Gays in Fame?

Straight Guy,

You were right. "Fame" is NOT going to live forever.

I don't know that I expected or even wanted the remake of "Fame" to be good, but I thought it would be at least fun. It was born to be fun. Basically, "Fame" is a musical soap opera about, well, a musical soap opera -- four years in high school for the performing arts.

It's not that the movie's bad, it's just that there's very little performing -- nor sex, tension, guilty secrets or gut-wrenching anything-- going on at performing arts high these days. Something else is missing -- gays.

No gays? In New York's performing arts high? For real? What movie about a high school for the performing arts doesn't have gay boys in it? We own that space! Are we moving backwards?

I hate to think of the 1980, when the original "Fame" was on screen, as a watershed moment in edgy pop film, but Fame pulled off a story line about a gay student's coming out. That and story lines about inter-racial dating, unwanted pregnancy, drugs, bad life choices . . all the good yeast of high school drama. This "Fame" doesn't have enough sexual tension to inspire/require any bad life choices. This is all the fault of "High School Musical."

Back to no gays in "Fame." Maybe I should applaud a screen play doesn't play the easiest gay stereotype card in the deck. We're supposed to infer that the voted-off-the-island, wanna-be ballet dancer is gay. Poor sad lad. Maybe if he trimmed his bangs and laid off the blond highlights he could see well enough to dance, and not have to pack his leg warmers for another long Iowa winter.

Fame or no Fame, my friend Bee and I had a great time. We got mimosa'd up and sang ourselves to and from the movie: "Fame, I'm gonna live forever. I wanna learn how to fly ... high!" Fame still has dancing in the streets. You just have it bring it yourself.

--Gay Guy


Rena said...

Guess that's what happens when an R-rated movie is turned PG. HSM is totally to blame.

Straight in Upstate said...

Reminds of a comment I heard from a Latino comic about Miami CSI; "They're in Miami and they've got ONE Hispanic cop? ONE? Are you shitting me!?"

Kathryn said...

Sigh. Well, the mimosa part and the singing part sound sounds like the party was more with you two than in the theatre.
Did you break into song IN the theatre, or were you able to restrain yourself till the ride home? Surely, someone had to be singing.....

Straight in Upstate said...

My niece (my brother's daughter, not the other one) saw the new Fame and declared it wonderful, then rented the "80s one" and pronounced it "disgusting". She's 17, you (and I) are not, so there you have it. I must say, I've never seen more than five minutes of the movie or the old series.

leize said...

Fame (2009) movie was depict dances and songs at the out set. Hope this will be mega hit as most people predicted in next end of this week. It was impossible to think this is a remake movie as it has added some features and improve its quality. Already fame (2009) has gathered movie lovers around movie theaters.


Picture Imperfect said...

No gay guys? In Fame??? For shame!!

Love your blog!

Straight Guy said...

Straight guys are not interested in seeing a movie about an all-straight dance troupe, either. And don't put us in charge of Dancing with the Stars unless you want to see the wheels come off.

We know that, in the world of dance, we are the odd men out.

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