Gay Guy,

Over the weekend, I'll post the results and some thoughts on our recent survey on crying. But for now, enjoy this video as an example of how some men are brought to tears. Sometimes, we just care too damn much!

Gotta love the gentle dose of straight guy therapy from his bleep-ing friend.

This guy is so hopeless that it's irrelevant whether he's gay or straight. He's not getting any. Period. He seemed fully satisfied by his trembling, bromantic encounter with Umenyiora, anyway. If he's dreaming, don't wake him. Ugh. Did I mention he's hopeless?

A few weeks ago I posted another video of NY Giants fans who were celebrating by airhumping each other to euro disco. Too much wet t-shirt man-love for me, and too much "bro-dude" attitude for you... neither of us would claim them for our teams.

So, bigger question: What are the Giants doing to their male fans that strips them of their masculinity? Stop crying and grinding on each other, or you'll never see a Superbowl again!

[Sidebar: I heard some good things about Patton Oswalt in "Big Fan," a dark comedy about an obsessed Giants fans that opened earlier this year, but the release never got much traction. Trailer here. Adding to my NetFlix cue now.]

Readers, know any fanatics who love their teams, hobbies, or whatever a little too much? Any tears of joy or frustration?

--Straight Guy


Spot said...

Um. Sorry...I don't know any fanatics. But that video made me chuckle. Poor loser nothing to do with my life alcoholic mess guy!


Anonymous said...


Smileyfreak said...

Where I live gaelic football is a really big deal and I must say I've seen tears and shouting and bleeping but that poor guy was pityful!

another gay gay said...

Catching up on your blog.

I can only assume that alcohol is at the bottom of this big sloppy mess.

Straight Guy said...

Oh, I assume it's so much more than that. That's the difference between fans and fanatics. Caring too much.

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