Gay/Straight Advice: The Doctors Are In


We've seen a substantial increase in visits, comments, subscribers, and friends. We can't thank you enough. We are grateful for your support and only wish we could quit our day jobs and entertain ourselves you full-time.

But we haven't been asked for our advice in a while, and we think these posts are often the most fun to write.

You can send a question to the e-mail contacts in the right margin or you can leave an anonymous reply to this or any post (we get notified of responses to even our oldest posts). In either case, we will do all we can to protect your identity as you wish. Ask away...

Not sure what we're talking about? Here's a link to our recent advice posts. And here's a collection of advice posts from the GG/SG dark ages (2008).

--Gay Guy & Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

Dibs: From that picture, I claim Linus as my alter ego.

Anonymous said...

I do need some advice at the moment. Thank you both for that post.

There's this guy in my acting class at college (he's also my acting partner for a scene that we had to do, and we most likely won't change partners for our next assignment) and a few days ago we had this flurry of text messages back and forth. Now, I know it's a text, and a text isn't a substitute for actually speaking to someone, but I just don't know if he was serious or if he was joking. Are there any signs I can watch for, in class, that he might be serious about maybe trying to be with me? I am incredibly confused. Any help would be awesome.

Kathryn said...

Linus is my favorite. I do believe "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" should be on soon, GG. I haven't watched it in ages. You make the popcorn, I'll make the G&T's.

Gay Guy said...

Oh, my. Kathryn, how did you know of my deep love of gin and tonics! I had one this past weekend as a matter of fact.

What kind of gin for you? I'm a Tangueray (sp?) gay guy myself.

Gay Guy said...


SG and I will be talking over your question tomorrow and will try to help you out.

Michael Rivers said...

Keep up the great work on the blog. If I come up with any questions, I know where to go!

Straight in Upstate said...

GG has been Linus since he was a little GG - not the thumbsucking or blanket OCD, but general intelligence and quotes for ready reference.

Forget the advice, we want more jumproping videos!!

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