Archie Up for a Polygamy? Maybe More?

Gay Guy,

I was right! Kind of.

In a post earlier this summer, I mentioned that I was disappointed that Archie had proposed to Veronica (driving Betty to tears). My gut also told me that this wasn't the end of the A/B/V triangle.

In the new issue, Archie proposes to Betty. How is that even legal?

Turns out the multipart episode allows Archie to explore his future options by taking different side roads as he wanders down "memory lane." Yeah, it's a cheap gimmick, but sales are up from 2,500 copies earlier this year to 54,000 copies for the recent books (and those numbers are only for US-based comic shops).

Look, this is GG/SG , so we all know where this joke is h
eaded. Why not let Arch explore ALL of his options. (Found via BuzzFeed but source unknown.) Hah. You go, Jughead.

Maybe I'm over-invested here because Betty and Veronica, along with Josie and the Pussycats, were a central focus of my early sexual awakening. Ohhh, Betty, Betty, Betty....

Oops. TMI? Well, too late now. I think GG is keeping a list somewhere. File Betty just after Barbarella, if you're wondering.

Does anyone else care about this? Does Archie even deserve either one?

--Straight Guy

[Check out this NYT slideshow for all of the REAL covers, some sample pages, and their story on the phenomenon.]


Straight in Upstate said...

you're totally alone on this one, SG. Hang on to Mrs. SG like grim death - I'm thinking the pool of women who understand your Archie/Betty/ Veronica obsession is pretty shallow.

Isabella said...

Barbarella? OMG if you can believe this... I saw that movie when I a kid! My dad took my brother (8 or 9 years old) and I to this movie thinking it was ok for children. I think he fell asleep in the movie and had no idea what was going on. (My dad is still notorious for falling asleep at movies) My mom was furious. My brother of course still remembers that movie VERY WELL! I on the other hand never got over the boob costumes.

Gingerella said...

Wow, I read Archie comics all the time when I was a kid...brings back memories.

Hey, better Jughead than Reggie....just sayin. ;)

Straight Guy said...

Upstate: I got it covered. Mrs. SG IS a Betty in all the right ways, and I, like Archie, would be a fool to look anywhere else.

Isabella: Yes, Barbarella did a number on me too. Never fully recovered. Check the link back in the post for some embarrassing details.

Gingerella: Jughead, Reggie, Moose... maybe Archie such a loser if that's the full menu.

Kathryn said...

OMG. I would have liked the "alternative" cover better if it just featured Archie & Jughead...the gals and the hearts are too distracting....I almost missed it.
Who, buying these comics, anyway? Adult men? Kids?

Straight Guy said...

Target age, guessing 9-13. But Archie is for everyone. Completely average in every respect. The idealized suburban American existence, that was never reality to begin with. The humor is always benign, never deep or edgy. Though in this record breaking special series, Arch has apparently taken to quoting Walt Whitman... go figure.

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