Cowboy Boots? Girls? Gay Guy Video Confusion Ensues

Straight Guy,

Friday night, a friend and I went to a movie, then stopped at a gay bar for a beer or two. This would count as my maybe-bimonthly appearance at a gay bar. This place plays good videos, or at least a steady stream of them. Keeps the conversation demands to a minimum.

A catchy opening melody started up . . . "I know this song," I thought. But what is it? Why do I know it? I don't recognize the video. Who is that young woman? Who are all those other young women? Why are there women in this video? Wearing cowboy boots? Where are the boys in sunglasses and flip flops?

It was the "real" version of "Party in the USA," with Miley Cyrus herself, not the "Party in the Fire Island Pines" lip sync version, see our Sept. 23 post.

I'd never seen the real thing, only the play on it. Reality has such a fluid meaning today.

I know that the camping it up version got some flack among my peeps -- bad for the cause and all -- but anything that says endless summer is okay with me.

--Gay Guy


Smileyfreak said...

So did you like the real version of it?

Gay Guy said...

I think there were some cowboys in the background, so that was nice. Otherwise, unmemorable apparently.

Rena said...

I gave you guys an award! It's here.

If you don't accept awards, this message will self-destruct in 3 seconds. Please disregard.

Kathryn said...

Oh, GG. I wonder why the guy in charge of videos played it in the first place? Were the background cowboys THAT hot?

Gay Guy said...

No, the background cowboys were not that hot. Alas.

Anonymous said...

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