Straight Guy Dictionary: Destructoporn

Gay Guy,

I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for enjoying this clip, or sorry for what remains of John Cusack's career. Oh, who am I kidding? He deserves a payday as much as anyone else, and this one will probably be huge.

From director Roland Emmerich who has previously destroyed the world through alien invasions (Independence Day) and a new Ice Age (The Day After Tomorrow), this new movie, 2012, opens next month.

Boys and their toys, right? This is just a bunch of them stomping around in a multi-million dollar sandbox. There is some palpable glee in all of the tragedy. Let's watch one family get away while millions of others are brutally destroyed. Hey, watch out for giant rolling donuts and traumatized children!

GG, was this on your radar, or is it for straight guys (and their unwilling dates) only?

I'll just pretend to be disgusted with the premise during it's theatrical run, and then sneak it into my NetFlix cue for next summer.

--Straight Guy


Michael Rivers said...

I can't wait for this movie. The visual effects look amazing. My friend Scott is the same. So I can verify that two "gay" tickets will be sold.

Gay Guy said...

Straight guys and unwilling/unknowing dates, only.

Spot said...

Are you kidding me??! "straight guys and their unwilling dates"?! I'm so psyched for this movie. I loved both of his other movies! Wait. I may or may not be a little weird when it comes to my movie tastes. Oh well. My kids are psyched too so at least I won't have to drag an unwilling date. LMAO.


another gay gay said...

Gay Guy,

Are you trying to say that gay men don't look forward to seeing things blowing up, your basic death, destruction, and suspension of disbelief?

Straight Guy said...

Maybe another stereotype, but I thought that the gay community had a more refined taste in all things artistic (fashion, film, music), and, on average, don't go for "low art" unless it has an element of irony or camp...

GG has a wide range of interests and is very pop-aware, but given the choice between destructoporn/slasher or Merchant and Ivory films, I bet he'll always choose the latter.

Am I off base, GG?

Straight Guy said...

Or should we get tickets to Saw VI tonight?

Thanks for the comments everyone. Give us a mini-review when you see the film.

Kathryn said...

Sometimes I think being a New Yorker makes it too hard to see past the computer-generated effects. I'm too busy looking at the edge of the screen or following how the scenes are edited together to actually "feel" it.
Da boys get annoyed w/me when I point out the mistakes.
Besides, what's the point of this movie? You're gonna sit on the edge of your seat...wondering if everything'll be alright in the end? (PS: I thought that was a terrible Ah-nold impersonation)
Sorry. Now everyone's gonna yell at me...

Straight in Upstate said...

Movie: massive destruction, one family gets away at the end.
Cinema: murder, divorce, adultery, closing scene of two people sitting at a table smoking and one says, "It looks like rain."

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