Halloween Costumes: The Cat's Out of the Bag

Happy Halloween, Gay Guy,

You've mentioned that Halloween is often referred to as "gay Christmas." Let loose, have fun, but don't let things get out of hand.

Out here in Straightsville, things are more subdued, mostly focused on kids and candy.

One of my daughters asked for a black cat costume this year. She already had black pants and a shirt, so she really only needed to find ears, a tail, and whiskers. No problem, I thought.

Well, let me tell you, it's not easy to find a cat costume that hasn't been stripper-fied. At a party store, we located a set we were happy with, all except for the packaging. Call it a "teachable moment" about stilettos and fish net stockings.

Those items weren't included in the kit (just a tail, ears, and whiskers, one size fits all), but the package also included a black bow tie, which I was unable to explain. A fairly benign accessory, but as a symbol it represents the transition from cat to sex-kitten, no? It makes no sense, don't Playboy Bunnies wear the bow tie with rabbit ears?

We looked, and this was the only cat costume in the entire shop. Obviously there's a huge (and growing) market for edgy adult costumes. I went to a few serious costume parties in my twenties but I don't remember that they were quite as sexed up as they seem to be now. Redefining tricks and treats, I guess...

I take my fatherly responsibilities seriously, and as Chris Rock says, job number one is to "keep them off the pole!... They don't grade fathers, but if your daughter's a stripper, you f-ed up!"

I really don't think I have anything to worry about. She's a great kid. But dammit if she doesn't love that bow tie.

--Straight Guy


Spot said...

Crap! We're supposed to keep them from being strippers??! *Note to self~ return pole you bought as xmas present*

Good luck. My daughter bought a female police officer costume. I said "you mean slutty cop?" and she said "yes it is pretty skanky but it's okay because I'll be with my boyfriend all night". I'm not sure I get the justification, but when they're 18 and live on their own...?


carissajaded said...

I really can't relate with finding a costume for my kid.. because i don't have one...but as an adult girl who doesn't want to dress slutty for halloween... it is REALLY difficult!

Also I've been a follower of yalls blog for a while, and I think its awesome! but i think this may be my first comment! I'll be back!!

WannabeVirginia W. said...

At my daughter's 6th birthday, one of the girls who came to her party had said that when she grows up she wanted to be a pole dancer. I wonder what she is doing now?

Straight in Upstate said...

My son is six now, so this is our fifth "serious" Halloween - really participating and seeing what's out there. We go to a friend's house to trick or treat and help them hand out the candy. Still lots of princesses, a few Hermione Grangers (smart chicks rock!)...but always a few 13 year olds that are dressed like they're going to offer me a blowjob for $50. Really disturbing. And they're usually walking around by themselves, just girls with no apparent adult supervision (read: protection from sexual predators). "I'm going out to 100 strangers' houses with my boobs hanging out." "Okay, honey, have a nice time."

JD at I Do Things said...

Well, if she loves the bow-tie, it's cool. However, that is definitely not standard child-kitten attire. Although the more I look at my real-life kitten, the more I can picture her in a jaunty bow-tie, so, yeah, maybe.

Isabella said...

I saw a news show a few days ago about how hard it is for teen age girls to find appropriate costumes this year. It's crazy. When I was a teenager we threw on a toga and that was it. Not the most creative costume but it was fun and it covered. My mom was happy. Now I've heard that some girls are wearing togas but no underwear so they've outlawed togas at some schools! Hmmm. I can't help what it must be like for those parents getting the call from the school that their daughter must go home because she doesn't have any underwear on. Lovely!

Straight Guy said...

Thanks for the comments all. The evening went off without any controversy, and yes, some of you were right, compared to some of the other girls, she was pretty reserved.

Brutalism said...

I took my four year old daughter to a costume shop a few weeks ago. We turned down one aisle to see a guy wearing a naked-boob breast plate to amuse his girlfriend. He was horrified when my kid saw him. I was horrified when my kid said, "I wanna try that on, mommy." There may be pole dancing in her future.

Kathryn said...

This is a very disturbing trend! I don't have daughters, but I'd like to think they could still dress like real-life animals! Why do I get the feeling that MEN are making the creative decisions about what costumes to make??

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