No. I Do Not Need to Meet Your Wife

Straight Guy,

Last night, my friend David took me to a reading. Being in that concert hall for the first time in years brought back this memory from way down deep.

Some time ago, I dated this guy for a few weeks. He told me that he had been married; in fact, he might only have been separated at the time, I don't remember.

He and I went to a concert (in the same hall where David and I were last night). I don't think the lights had dimmed before I realized he knew a lot of people there. A lot. Turns out his wife was one of the performers, so he knew the band's followers.

Okay, we're there to see his wife. That was fine. Just would have been nice to know first. But fine.

Concert ends. "Want to go backstage and meet my wife?"

"Uh, no," I said. "No, I don't." "No?" "Uh, no."

He couldn't really understand why it wasn't something I wanted to do.

God, I had forgotten that whole story.

--Gay Guy


another gay guy said...

Eeeww. No one wants to meet the ex-anyone, especially on a date.

The Expatresse said...

Especially on a first date.

Maybe later.

MUCH later.

straight in upstate said...

And you let him slip away? What a keeper!!

Gay Guy said...

Straight in Upstate:

I know. Surprising, wasn't it. Guess my standards are too high. Or, too low. Can't decide which.

Kathryn said...

Your standards are just right, GG. He was WAY out of line. That's like spending the first month of dating someone new talking about your ex.
No-one EVER welcomed hearing about someone's EX.
That guy's either still alone, or he's found someone very...wimpy.

Isabella said...

Hmmm, yes, very uncomfortable. You did better than I would... I'm not sure I could sit there and watch the concert. I would have been thinking about his intentions and sanity during the entire performance.

Spot said...

That guy was a complete imbecile and I think you handled yourself tremendously well. I would have fumed through the entire concert and when he asked me to meet his wife I would have said something completely snarky like..."since I don't plan on seeing you again, there's no reason to meet the fam!"


PS- Kathryn sent me here via recommendation. Love your blog!

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