New Benchmarks for GG/SG


We just passed our 400th post (this is 401) here at GG/SG, and are closing in on our second anniversary in November.

Last week was also the first in which we passed more than 1,000 unique readers (thank you, Google analytics).

Thank you to all of our new and loyal readers, and all of those whose comments have added to some great conversations. You are all certainly unique.

--Gay Guy & Straight Guy


Michael Rivers said...

Congrats on your blog numbers! That is great.

Um . . . is calling us readers "certainly unique" a fancy way of saying, "certainly crazy"?

Gay Guy said...


To add the emotional touch that is the is the role of gay guys everywhere, we thank you for your friendship and encouragement. We've become friends with some of you -- and look forward to making more friends as we blog away.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than logging on and seeing a new comment. Your contributions and unique voices are a huge part of the blog's success. And, there are some pretty creative bloggers among you!

One thousand unique visitors in one week! Can I quit my day job yet?

Spot said...

Wow. Those really are some impressive numbers! Congratulations!!

And I do also feel like "certainly unique" translates into "crazy" but since that's kind of my thing, I'm going to take it as a compliment. =]


Straight Guy said...

Websters definition 2a:
Main Entry: unique
Pronunciation: \yu̇-ˈnēk\
Function: adjective
2 a : being without a like or equal

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, guys.

Anonymous said...

I meant keep the blog going, nothing dirty, in case it sounded that way.

Straight in Upstate said...

Doesn't Google hand out awards for OCD friends who keep checking this freakin' blog every five minutes to see if there's something new?

Kathryn said...

SG: I think you're just covering your butt with that whole Webster's definition thing.

"Unique"...uh-huh. I've used that word when I don't know what else to say. It goes in the same category as "interesting" or "unusual".

That's okay....I love you guys anyway. Congrats on the # guys totally deserve it!

Here's to many more posts/years/visitors to come.


Straight in Upstate said...

Wife: "Honey, do you like this?"
Husband: "It's very European."
Wife, thinking: "Is that good or bad this year? I can't remember."

Nice job, boys - it's very European.
From a unique visitor

Anonymous said...

You're unique.

Like everyone.

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