Gay/Straight Ad Watch: They Just Can't Help It

Genius, inanity, or perfect brand positioning?

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

OMG!! SG, HOW, did you find this?!?!?! I would so love to have been in the room was this concept got pitched up.

I am not sure yet if I think it's funny, sad, mean, judgmental, or just hilarious.

Sad to say, inanimate objects are getting it on more than I am.

Peggy Sue said...

What people do behind closed rabbit hutch doors is their own business. . . .

Straight in Upstate said...

GG, How do you get "judgmental" out of a "balloon" animal three-way?

Much like the constant spam emails I get at work ("She'll worship your new 9 inch pole, buy p1ll$ now"), it just made me feel inadequate and out of the loop.

Gay Guy said...

Straight in Upstate,

Thanks for the post. You didn't say if you found the commercial funny.

"Judgmental" was a syntax problem. Typing too fast. I don't feel judged by latex. Or animals. Thus, certainly not by latex animals. However, if I ever hit retirement, I might go learn how to make balloon animals. I've always been a bit astounded by the talent. That and I'll finally learn to play hakki sack. Geek!

By 'judgmental,' I was trying to allude to this idea floating around out there that gay men are more promiscuous than y'all. I think the stereotype has quieted down some. The facts were that we were generally single and just doing stuff with other single unencumbered folk. I think straight guys were pretty much jealous of the limited amount of negotiation required for a sexual encounter; that's usually how nasty rumors get started.

Plus, we gays are more creative. That includes with our story telling. I myself am aware of my talent to embellish. . . for story telling, I mean.

P.S. I get the same e-mails. Who knew so many Russian brides were waiting for me. I am ashamed to disappoint them.

Straight Guy said...

Gay Guy and I agree that it's funny, and wish that the preview frame didn't give the whole joke away. I'm sure it would be much funnier and more shocking if it came out of nowhere.

Straight in Upstate said...

It was hilarious, and much more creative than the mispelled emails trying to elude my spam filter.

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