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Straight Guy,

More on the Inauguration: Now that I’m warm again and had some sleep, I want to share more about being part of this wonderful and historic day.

Frequent contributor Straight in Upstate asked if I dove into the 1 million+ body mosh pit of the inauguration or did I jumbotron it on the fringe of the Mall.

Jumbotron, but on purpose.

My friend Bee and I perched ourselves in front of the Lincoln Memorial, which is exactly where we wanted to be. I’m a sucker for symbolism and stories. Lincoln, (whose bicentennial is this year, in case no one noticed the hundreds of books that have come out about him over the past few years) the icon of the Civil War, the emancipator of the slaves (though the more I read about the Emancipation Proclamation was toothless). The Memorial, the site of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Obama being sworn in the day after Martin Luther King Day. Civil War, Civil Rights, first African American president. How much more history and symbolism can you handle?

Plus, we saw it better on the ‘tron than we could ever have seen it close up.

I have to admit that I caught a tear when Obama was sworn in. The smile, the family, the hope and promise.

Bee and I finished up our celebration with some yummy "1.20.09" frosted cookies.

I zipped out to the gym last evening and walked past a two-block line of people waiting to get into the Youth Inaugural Ball. Deep sigh. . . I do love a man in a tux.

I know you are expecting a catty gay comment . . . so here it is. First, Bee and I were bugged to death on the Mall by this guy next to us who would not shut up. He was going on about two decades of first ladies’ inauguration wear. I'm pretty aware of fashion, but he creamed me. My ears pricked up the second he tossed in “texture” in describing Michelle Obama’s yellow jacket. My hat's off to you, dude. And, speaking of hats: Note to Aretha: The assignment was to be a star, not wear one.

--Gay Guy

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Straight in Upstate said...

It's time for TV to ditch the dinosaurs and put our man GG in front of the mike. I listened to a whole lot of drivel yesterday from Diane Sawyer, et. al. - none was nearly as concise and evocative as these posts. You rock, GG, and amen on the hat.

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