Giving Hope to Geeks, Too

The ceremony, the celebrations, the adoring throngs, the transfer of power...

But this has to be the one of the coolest things that happens to Barack Obama this month.

"When we heard that President-Elect Obama is a collector of Spider-Man comics, we knew that these two historic figures had to meet in our comics' Marvel Universe," says Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Historic moments such as this one can be reflected in our comics because the Marvel Universe is set in the real world. A Spider-Man fan moving into the Oval Office is an event that must be commemorated in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

More details at Marvel Comics.

Better buy this one early, GG. They are only printing a "half run" to keep collectors on their toes. Still, better than the collector's plates I keep seeing on late night infomercials.

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Now I'm confused, re: Barack the Spider-Man fan. Another piece of evidence that he's not black enough, because black men aren't geeky enough to read comics? Or, we're all the same because we all like Spider Man? Or, his economic recovery plan involves investing US Treasury funds in Stan Lee first editions?

I am reveling in this presidency because it's the first time for me, and probably one of the few times, that a president is my age exactly. Grew up to the same music, has the same cultural references (even if I don't collect comic books), and isn't an annoying conservative like whiney Polar Bear Girl up dere in Alaska on her snowmachine, donchaknow. Let the good times roll.

John said...

Eh, didn't vote for the guy but I guess I'll pick up a copy for later. One never knows if this'll be worth somethin' one day...

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