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Gay Guy,

Great posts. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had the perfect plan.

I was watching on TV, but was close enough to hear the crowd's roar when he arrived and took the oath. Wow.

I wish I had more to contribute beyond what's been said so well by so many others. But I don't, so I'll keep in brief.

Just know that I am one of many straight, white, middle class, middle aged men who are embracing change, too. That counts for something, right?

Allow me a catty comment, too, GG. The parade was pitiful. It was late, long, and boring... the Bermuda triangle of entertainment snafus. I felt sorry for Barack and Michelle, who were polite enough to stick it out when all other grandstand guests had departed. The crowd was long gone, too. Of course they were, they waited for hours in the freezing cold to see the Obamas and were not going to stick around afterwards to see two hours of lawn mower drill squads. Why can't we edit this whole thing down, bump up the kitsch, and make the headliner the final act?

--Straight Guy


Gay Guy said...

SG, You are NOT middle aged. You are uber-cool.

Straight in Upstate said...

There was a parade? I turned off my little TV at work after the benediction. I did see photos of the Obama girls at the parade looking exhausted and bored out of their minds.

Follow-up to GG & Aretha's hat: someone in my little town has started a Facebook fan club for Aretha's hat at the inauguration, and is gaining members. If you're on Facebook, look for it. I know you're there, GG.

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