OK, Adam Lambert, We Get It!

Gay Guy,

I was rooting for Adam Lambert on American Idol (past posts here and here). But is this really the cover of his new album, or one of those Elizabeth Taylor perfume ads?

He admits it's intentionally ridiculous. Well, duh. He's good at getting noticed, but I'm not sure "ridiculous" is the right direction for a debut album. No second chances, so he better bring it with the music.

Hey, what does one middle-aged, suburban, straight guy know about launching an androgynous pop/rock star? I'm iTunes savvy, but I haven't bought an actual album in years, except for Prince's latest... well, this argument is going nowhere...

Readers: Campy and interesting? Or, indulgent and awful?

--Straight Guy


Straight in Upstate said...

Like the rest of pop culture, from Madonna to Rush Limbaugh (and I contend there's no difference except Rush's boobs may now be perkier than Madonna's): i just don't care. I don't know what he sings, and I never will. I've spend the last month copying old albums to CDs and I'm perfectly happy with George Harrison's All Things Must Pass from 1970.

Straight Guy said...

Great pick, Upstate. In rotation on my iPod, too (My Sweet Lord and What is Life, anyway). While My Guitar Gently Weeps is one of my top 10 of all time (not pure GH, but close)... Sneak some Traveling Wilburys into your collection and you're halfway to pop-culture awareness already.

Spot said...

Completely indulgent and awful. I'm not an American Idol fan so I don't really know who he is, but I wouldn't buy the album based on the cover. I'd be afraid he was all fluff and no substance.


WannabeVirginia W. said...

I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!! I just want to get that out there. I rooted for him and since he lost despite of his success, I will no longer watch AI - since I think he lost because of America's homophobia. I could write an entire paper on this, but I won't. I'm just sayin'... My taste in music is so diverse, I also love George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Queen if that makes sense - and I sing along with my daughter with her choice of music: Hedley, Marianna's trench etc. So oh the question? LOL... This is the first time I saw AL's album cover, I am undecided, but heck I will buy the album. I also lurk the AL's fanclub...GLAMBERT - Don't judge me :)

JD at I Do Things said...


Honestly, I don't know what to think of this cover. My first thought was: Could've done better. Been more original. More edgy. The whole "intentionally campy" thing . . .I dunno. Not very convincing. He really does need to bring it, and I hope he does.

(LOVE the comparison to the Elizabeth Taylor perfume ads. Perfect!)

Straight Guy said...

Spot, Wannabe: Thanks for the thoughts. AL sure cuts a strong love/hate line, doesn't he?

JD: Even this straight guy remembers those campy ads for her stanky spray... "White Di-ah-munds always bring me luck."

SteveA said...

With a cover like that I ave already lost interest in what music he has to offer! That cover detracts from his music and what he has to offer!

Kathryn said...

I understand that he's trying to be noticed/be different/be campy.

However. I will say this:

There are some teen-aged girls who comment on my blog who say that their parents don't like him...and this is purely based on his looks. If these girls can't fund their own purchase of his music, he may be turning off ppl he really needs on his side.

He's risking alienation...and I don't think anyone's buying his music based on this cover shot! Who is he supposed to be appealing to?

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