Out of the Woods, Into a Show

Straight Guy,

This post has nothing to do with being gay or straight, I'm just reporting one of those small wonders we all stumble across.

Gorgeous weather yesterday, and so I took to the woods for what might be the last hike of the year for wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. I was coming off the trail with a purposeful pace as the light was beginning to fade. I made it to the edge of the woods just as twilight was starting.

Under a tree stood a guy with four or five Indian clubs, which he proceeded to juggle. And juggle quite well. He must have kept them in the air for 30 seconds or more. Maybe not circus-ready, but impressive.

I complimented him on his performance. Behind him were a young man and woman, the man slowly, shakily walking on a tight rope, a broad rubber band that they had strung a few feet off the ground between two trees.

I felt like I had stumbled out of a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Woods and a mini-circus.

As you know, I don't like the circus. I always see that clowns are sad and desperate. That it's dirty and broken from all that travel. And that the animals are doped. In my elementary school, the 6th grade annual tradition was a field trip to the nearest real city for the circus. From the 4th grade, my classmates were excited; I was planning how to fake being sick that day. I don't remember anything about the circus, so I must have indeed gotten sick. (My mother can spot fake maladies a mile away, and would have shoved me onto the bus.)

Straight Guy and Readers, have you ever stumbled on to something a little other-wordly?

--Gay Guy


Spot said...

I did once. I was sixteen and at an air show on the Air Force base Upper Heyford in England. They had an area were some campers were parked and had tables set up selling stuff. One camper looked deserted and on the table outside was a deck of tarot cards. I went to touch them, when a little old lady stepped out of the camper and yelled at me. She was a real romanian gypsy and the hour I spent with her had a huge impact on me. It was amazing.


Straight in Upstate said...

Maybe not otherworldly, but a random scene I'll always remember: I was living in Denver in the mid-1980s when the Chicago Cubs lost yet-another close chance at winning - can't remember if it was the pennant or the actual World Series (1984 or '85). After the losing game I went for a walk over to Cheesman Park that has an awesome view of the Rockies. It was almost twilight, and from afar I saw one lonely person with a Cubs hat, sitting cross-legged under a giant oak tree on a hill, staring at the mountains. I left him alone.

SteveA said...

I have to say fortunately - no! I don't know how I would take such things!

Kathryn said...

Gosh, I'm reading this...and I'm expecting a punch line. What a surreal scene...are you sure you didn't dream it?

Straight Guy said...

Gay Guy is selling this like some kind of wilderness experience, but I don't think he ever left the city limits. These kind of things just don't happen in the suburbs ... we have backyards for this nonsense.

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