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Straight Guy,

More on our Thanksgiving theme:

From my many visits to Provincetown, Mass., AKA, Gay Summer Mecca, I knew that the Pilgrims originally came ashore at P-town, not Plymouth. Listen to today's NPR Thanksgiving story about the Pilgrim's original landing at Provincetown. After about a month, the Pilgrim Fathers, and probably the Pilgrim Mothers, too, decided to pull up their P-town stakes and try a take 2 at Plymouth. Early homophobes? Doubtful. Ptown was 300 years away from gay mecca status. They were just looking for a slightly easier life.

What's important in the big gay scheme of things is that P-town harbor is the site of the signing of the Mayflower Compact. Okay, so the Compact is nowhere near as famous as say the Declaration of Independence, but it's an important first step toward creating the American expectation of freedom. As the NPR story says: "Freedom and the chance to make just and equal laws is what signing the Mayflower Compact was all about."

Bring it on. Freedom, just and equal laws, and the sense that we are all in it together. That's the American DNA. And it all began in P-town. I'm a very proud gay pilgrim.

--Gay Guy


Michael Rivers said...

I'll be a gay pilgrim too! The more the better to spread the word!

Straight in Upstate said...

And the best part is, the Pilgrims didn't actually wear monochromatic clothes and hats with large buckles - late 19th-century artist's fantasy. So be a proud colorful gay Pilgrim (rainbow optional, GG).

Kathryn said...

A gay pilgrim with a fabulous sense of style! It's perfect.

Spot said...

Yay for gay pilgrims!!


Gay Guy said...

Straight in Upstate:

Wow, great news on the color scheme. Why did the late 19th tone them down? To make them look more serious as our founding fathers?

Glad to know they had some humor in that wardrobe.

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