Gay/Straight Update: Saturday & Sunday Night Live

Gay Guy,

Video and linked photos slightly NSFW.

Saturday Night Live : Another SNL Digital Short featuring Andy Samburg in his rap/raunch persona. This time, he's fallen for Reba McEntire, or something to that effect. It's absurd on every level. Flavored with a sprinkle of homophobia. And yes, it's funny to me. Not proud that they find me there, but not going to lie about it either. The joke's really on us, anyway. It's only missing a cameo from the real Reba to make it even better.

Sunday Night Raw: Adam Lambert leaves no questions unanswered about his sexuality or how much it will flavor his performances (full-on guy/guy make out sessions and oral sex simulations on a Dick Clark awards show, in case you missed it). And he was getting criticized for taking it slow by Out magazine just last week? The performance vids keep getting pulled off YouTube, so here's a link to the Rolling Stone recap with photos. How much is too much?

Interested in our readers' takes...

--Straight Guy


WannabeVirginia W. said...

He rocked the house, in more ways than one. He has an awesome point about the double standard. I am not sure if there was hype when Brit and Madge french kissed on one show or Lady Gaga posing with 3 other women (in a magazine forgot which one) so he did an awesome job in pushing the envelope! Love him, felt bad with the tumble but he did a fabulous job in recovering. Kudos Adam. Keep rockin' that house and pushin' the envelope :)

Straight in Upstate said...

My rule of thumb on marketing: the fancier the packaging, the crappier the product. I haven't heard Adam or Lady Gaga or anyone else, so maybe the songs are good, I don't know. But the stage acts are just Madonna and Wendy O. Williams and David Bowie and the New York Dolls, ad nauseum, all over again. No one's original, just more "out there" than the last. And they just want people's money, don't bore me with the whole artistic vision argument.

Gingerella said...

I didn't watch the show and am only going by what I've read online this morning....Is the hype over the fact that such a performance happened on *that* specific award show? Do the AMA's tout themselves as family friendly? Was it broadcast at a time children would likely be watching? Were there any disclaimers put forth ahead of time indicating adult content? If the answer is yes to any of those, then the performance probably would have been better suited for the MTV award show where racier stuff can be gotten away with.

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