Gay Guy/Straight Guy Furniture Tastes Clash

Straight Guy,

Stayed home today, a little sick, a lot tired.

Guess I had too much time on my hands this afternoon, 'cuz I found this Valley Lodge video flitting around the blogosphere. Nothing graphic going on, but I'd call it NSFW.

Despite the titillation, this isn't "furniture" I need around my place. I'd prefer having someone to pick up my clothes over someone to hold them up. Though I got quite the chuckle from the ironing board bit. And the floor lamp . . . I silently said, "Oh, no, he wouldn't. He's going to try an earlobe, right . . . Oh, he didn't." Hilarious.

I give the furniture its due: This is athletic work. But, it's like an Ikea catalog. All sleek, blond minimalist wood. Where's the mahogany? Where's the overstuffed upholstery?

--Gay Guy


Straight Guy said...

Hah! The lamp...

How much tape did they need on this shoot (and I'm not talking about video tape)?

Straight in Upstate said...

Part of the recliner was a little overstuffed - one normal-looking male out of the whole video.

Spot said...

I think I saw a mahogany part of the bed. And why was the back of the recliner the only guy with boxers on???

I thought the video was interesting and does anyone know where I can get a hatrack like that one??


Gingerella said...

That was hilarious! (I'm assuming NSFW means "not safe for work"?)

And I'm curious about Straight Guy's tape question too, lol.

sara said...

It's easy to find Cheap Furniture for decorating your home in a modern style.

Kathryn said...

I could definitely go for the first lamp.

Just one.

another gay gay said...

Like SG, I am wanting to more about how the models kept themselves strapped in so that nothing shows.

I didn't see and straps or jock-like fabric, so I am imagining something like duct tape. Or, worse, packing tape. The thought of tape being pulled off man parts makes me slightly woozy and makes me squeeze my thighs together for protection.

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