Hardcore Punks: Noddin' Their Heads Like Yeah!

Gay Guy,

Just had to share this video with you. It's really a response to your Summer Lovin': Party In the Fire Island Pines post from last September.

Yes. Let's assume that the lipsyncers from your post are gay. Let's also assume that the dudes from this Atlanta hardcore rage/rap/rave event are not that gay, if at all. At least we can assume that they don't shop from the same catalogs. What does it prove?

Well, for one thing, Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" has an undeniable hook. When that second, fuzzy, electro baseline kicks in, everyone starts shaking booty. Yes, the lyrics are inane, but any more so than other pop essentials like "Hound Dog" or "Twist and Shout"?

Most importantly, there's something sincerely joyful about both videos. I'm not catching the scent of mockery or cynicism in either one. Hannah Montana is bridging the gay-straight divide!

Miley recently had to admit that, despite the lyrics, she couldn't name a single Jay-Z song. So, duh, the song is pure corporate product, straight from The Man. But so are the sugar cereals that I love so much. And I ain't giving up my Cocoa Pebbles, either.

When the hook catches you, prepare to get reeled in.

Readers, have I said too much?

--Straight Guy


WannabeVirginia W. said...

Gay or Straight that is cute!

WannabeVirginia W. said...

oopsie, the link to the September post was cuter :)

Dorn said...

This made me laugh. I really just thought it was Miley's track over these goofs dancing at first.

Of topic a bit here...really, the Fire Island guys coordinated their trunks with the giant floaty?

Spot said...

Um...why are the Fire Island guys so much hotter?!! Very unfair. But gay or straight...no guy should dance around with his shirt off unless he has decent pecs and abs. I mean, I don't make you all watch me dance around in my underwear.


Kathryn said...

Well, I'm with Spot. I found myself wondering why the 1 or 2 really hot-bods had absolutely no desire to fling off their shirts. I can only assume they're confident in what they've got.

Of course, they'd probably reconsider if they'd known that WE'D be watching 'em.

You're right, of course, SG....this song obviously has no obvious ends to its ability to make people get up and get down...it's great fun to watch!

Leah Rubin said...

Awesome-- and never give up your Cocoa Pebbles-- why would you???? Maturity is very overrated.

Terence said...

I think it goes, if you're straight and you like some bit of popular fluff, you can use a variety of aesthetic defenses, but if you're gay, say no more, THAT is the reason.

I read about her Jay-Z ignorance before hearing the song, so I didn't realize it was just one line - but she keeps saying it! The whole song is ridiculous. Party in the USA? Better street directions, please! I can't Mapquest that.

JD at I Do Things said...

I'm still not getting reeled in to Miley's song(s). Maybe I'm just a crabby old lady.

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