Gay/Straight Ad Watch: Wrangling Wild Animals

Gay Guy,

In America, Wrangler markets their jeans as authentic western wear for hard working regular guys... one step up from Carhartt and Dickies. Brett Favre is their spokesman and that's about as edgy as they are going to get. Slogan: "You Can Count on Wrangler." They sell best to the Cabela's and NASCAR demographic, so you won't find many pairs of them at Coachella or Burning Man.

In Europe, it's the opposite, they are trying to brand Wranglers as an edgy option for the hipster crowd. No rules and anything goes. The perfect choice for an all night rave or IMF protest. Slogan: "We Are Animals."

Yeah. That dude in the ad above REALLY likes his Wranglers. Kinky.

So. What are you Wrangler? Straight and conservative? Or, primal and provocative?

Or, are you just trying to bridge the gap between right wingers and anarchists? Good luck with that.

Readers, thoughts?

--Straight Guy


Michael Rivers said...

I've never owned Wranglers. I'm not sure how hip they can become?

Kathryn said...

Well, you've known me long enough that I'm sure you actually already know what I'm gonna say:

It's all about marketing. "If the US spin doesn't fly over there, then we have to change it, dammit! C'mon! Forget about the fact that there are about 10,000 different brands of jeans out there! We'll just shock the shit out of 'em and they'll plunk down some green before they even realize they're doing it! Once they catch on overseas, we can market 'em here for 200% over what we're charging now! GO! GO! GO!"

You knew I was gonna say that, right?

Spot said...

Haha. Love the dichotemy! I think Wranglers are definitely not hip. They don't even make them in hip styles. Not that my hubby cares. He likes work jeans. Lol.


lucy said...

Europe dares!!! European campaign is really eyecatching, the shots are effective & beautiful.

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