Niagra Falls for My People, Too: Gays Get Honeymoons

Straight Guy,

My Internet service was down all weekend, so I was unable to post.

The lack of Internet went surprisingly well. I wasn't too itchy without my connection to the outside world. Maybe because I went to parties and a concert, so I engaged in the outside world in the pre-Internet fashion.

I will try to steal some time from my employer today to pull off a post.

In the meantime, I found a fun travel news brief in Sunday's Washington Post on a service with expertise in gay honeymoons. (You have to read past a swine flu update to get to the joyous occasion.)

Quip of the clip:
"Straight couples might spend a lot on that big dress. But among my people, we see smaller weddings and more spending on honeymoons," says Jeffrey Ward, owner and founder of Savvy Navigator.

SG, I've absolutely no expectation of booking a honeymoon hotel any time soon (the economy is not the only recession of crisis proportions), but good to know that if I do get to the moonlight madness there will be his-and-his robes when I arrive.

--Gay Guy

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Straight Guy said...

Are you saying that the accordion player at my wedding was not worth the money?

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