Gay/Straight Ad Watch: Hot Sex Sells

Gay Quizno's oven tries to seduce a staff member.

"Hot." Check.

"Meat." Check.

"Put it in." Check, and ready to launch "torpedo."

(And the supreme court is still mulling over Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, now how many years later?)

--Straight Guy


Straight Guy said...

I'll also add that while on a recent road trip we were trying to come up with fast food nicknames for each other. Gay Guy was dubbed "The Angry Whopper." Might he prefer to switch to "The Toasty Torpedo"?

Gay Guy said...

I was thinking more like "Tasty Torpedo." It has more of an all-weather ring to it.

Also, I think I was in an Angry Whopper moment on that road trip because you never need to stop and eat. You can go a whole day on a Snickers bar, Slim Jim, and a Gatorade. My dried cranberries and cashews don't last in my stomach as long.

You don't stop to eat just to torture me, don't you?

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